Sunday, 12 June 2011

Fashion Portrait Design

This was my Original drawing sourced from a fashion magazine. After i captured the main feature of the model i developed the drawing into a more personal stylized illustration, using watercolours, fabric and the detail for the wig came from fre hand imagination.

The next stage I developed the orginal into more experimental pieces using a variety of materials. to create a feeling of a fashion collection within drawing the same theme but different appraoches, like a designer would.

Printmaking: Lino Print for the Wig and silkscreen for the the rest of the work. I only managed to print for versions, as my screen got washed away, twice!! Using one collarge technique and two alternative colours one pink and one orange/red!! I was still happy with the results but would have like to have combined more collarge and experimental pieces.

Lino print combined with acetate and tissue paper overlays with expressive pen work.

Collarge: My appraoch to this version was spontanious freedom with mark making and a good sense of what works well with shape, colour and texture,